Frosted Window Film Melbourne

Are you looking for high-quality frosted window films in Melbourne? Search no more! Contact ProTinting right now and get amazing window films for your office, lobby, conference rooms, homes and everywhere else where you want to add privacy and beauty. Benefits of window frosting films:

  • Reduces glare
  • Protects from harmful UV rays of the Sun
  • Offers privacy and security
  • Adds to the beauty of the place

Install Frosted Window Films in Melbourne

Do you know how many types of frost window films in Melbourne are there that you can install at your place according to your needs? Know now:

White Frost

You can purchase premium white frost window films from us if you like natural light because white frost allows light to partially enter the place, still keeping your privacy intact. It is widely preferred by people who love natural light more than artificial lighting. It gives an etched sandblast effect to your windows.

Fiber Frost

People prefer fiber frost window films when they want 24-hour privacy along with a little less intense natural light exposure because fiber frost films allow less than 90% of natural light to enter the place, but blocks 100% visibility to anyone trying to see through the windows.

Buy Premium Frosted Window Film Melbourne at Cheapest Prices

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