DIY Course Training Course

  • Training course A:            2 Days, Week days 9am-5pm. One on One training. $1345

  • Training Course B:            5 Days, Week days 9am-5pm. One on One training. $2690 (Much more comprehensive)

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LEARN TO WINDOW TINT FOR ONLY $1345. (Free $100 professional tool kit)


Training by one of the top tinters in the industry with over 20 years experience in all types of film applications. Learn to use all the tools correctly. 95% hands on training, on actual automotive and flat glass windows. Training is held in Lilydale in the Eastern suburbs of Melbourne, Victoria. Courses are held over two to five days (Monday to Friday consecutively) and are scheduled 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.  Below is an example of some of the techniques and secret tips that will be covered in our training. Some of which will be the most important lessons to be learned.

Tinting tool kit, including:
Yellow Turbo squeegee
Five Way Trim Tool
Olfa stainless steel knife
Glass Scraper
Lil Chilzer
Five way trim tool
Geo Handle and Blue Max blade
Gold 3M Bondo
Spray bottle
All the film you need on the course (You will use a lot.)

COURSE CURRICULUM: Day One, Introduction & Automotive tinting
Introduction - Training & Tinting Manuals and Course Agenda.
The Keys to being a Professional Window Tinter.
Working with clients.
Tinting Laws Clarification.
Tools - The answers to create the perfect job.
Chemicals & Mounting Solutions.
Prepping Techniques.
Starting an Installation -Things to look for prior to tinting.
Practical Application ( Automotive & Flat glass tinting)

Film handling.
Door Panel Removal.
Glass preparation.
Cleaning methods and solutions.
Cutting templates and trimming film.
Squeeging Automotive windows.
Installation Techniques (roll-ups & quarter windows).
Practice and refining techniques.

COURSE CURRICULUM: Day Two, Continue Practical Application
Back Glass Installs - One piece techniques.
Shrinking (dry & wet methods)
How to handle the "Dot Matrix".
Tint Removal.
Common mistakes - Key elements to avoid and the signs to watch out for.
Film Removal: Roll-ups & Back Glass.
Repeat Installation Techniques: Practice and review.
Flat Glass

Various Flat Glass films, Opaque, Frost, Safety, Coloured and Decorative.
Tools - Must have mobile tool kit for flat glass.
Film Splitting and trimming to size.
Prepping Techniques - Cutting & Squeeging .
Window Styles - Half-round & Colonial windows.
Window Types - Aluminum & Timber.
Repeat Installation Techniques - Practice and review for Flat Glass.
Review course techniques and practice again.

So, if you're interested in learning to be a professional window tinter or maybe opening your own business. Then give us a call and we can make it happen for you! Yes, it's possible! It's fun, it's fast, it's easy, and the best part is you don't need any experience...we are here to teach it to you! Call us to register for the next course now.


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