With Onyx film Now you can enjoy your view at night unhindered by the annoying interior reflections caused by most window films.
as it has the lowest reflectivity available in a solar control film.


Attractive Natural Appearance

Great Solar Heat & UV rejection

Made in USA and backed with a Lifetime Warranty* its a film you can depend on.
*Lifetime Warranty, Professional Installers

Onyx 38%

  • Color Black 38%
    Adhesive Water Activated Adhesive
    Uses House & Commercial
    UV Rejected 99%
    Solar Transmittance 29%
    Visible Light Transmittance 38%
    Visible Light Reflected- Exterior 17%
    Visible Light Reflected- Interior 14%
    Shading Coefficient 0.46
    Total Solar Energy Absorbed 49%
    Total Solar Energy Rejected 60%