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Our Elite Dual Tone Film is designed to Keep the heat, glare and UV radiation out of your home or office and reduce your cooling costs,

The Dual Tone allows you to experience a warm neutral view with limited reflectance from inside. 

Made in USA and backed with a Lifetime Warranty* its a film you can depend on.
*Lifetime Warranty, Professional Installers

Dualtone 25

  • Color Silver outside Black inside
    Adhesive Water Activated Adhesive
    Uses House & Commercial
    UV Rejected 99%
    Solar Transmittance 30%
    Visible Light Transmittance 26%
    Visible Light Reflected- Exterior 22%
    Visible Light Reflected- Interior 9%
    Shading Coefficient 0.49
    Total Solar Energy Absorbed 46%
    Total Solar Energy Rejected 57%
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