House & Office Instructions

It's very important to read all the instructions thoroughly before installing film. Every step must be performed to achieve a professional look. Be very careful not to crease the film.Lay the film out on a flat clean surface.
Sharp Knife (with a new blade)
Glass Scraper (with a new blade)
Black Turbo Squeegee
Five Way trim tool
Yellow Quick Fix
Spray Bottle
Morning Fresh Dishwashing Liquid
Never tint windows that have direct hot sun on them or on days that are over 30deg.
Make tint solution - 2 tsp. of baby shampoo (Johnsons) or morning fresh dishwashing liquid to 500mls water in a spray bottle.
Clean working area, Clean towels to soak up excess solution.
Wash windows thoroughly on the inside paying attention to the rubbers and frames.
Remove & clean any stickers on windows.
Remove curtains if easy to do so, or hold back out of the way with string.

Dust is not easy to deal with. The most common place for dust is the floors, tools, curtains windows and hands. You must eliminate as much as possible for a good tint job.
Try to have a dust free and wind free environment as houses are full of dust and the slightest breeze can blow dust onto the tint. 
To assure a quality installation, thorough cleaning is very important. Glass contains oil and residues that are invisible and can affect the bond of the film to the glass if it is not completely clean.
Spray the solution on the window, run the glass scraper across the window starting at the top of the window. Pay attention to the edges of the glass this is the area that is often over looked when cleaning.
Repeat the above step with the black turbo squeegee but this time dip the squeegee in a bucket of fresh water every swipe across the window. Repeat this step twice to ensure a good clean window.Warning don’t use paper towel or a cloth for final cleaning of windows, they contain too much lint. Use black turbo squeegee only.
The film is installed on the inside of the window. Roll film out on a table that you can cut on. Add 20mm to the height and width of the windows measurements and cut the film to this size. This will allow trimming at a later stage.
The film has two layers, one a clear liner and the other is tint with an adhesive coat on it. To peel the clear backing sheet, put a piece of sticky tape on the corner of the film on one side and then on the other side and pull it apart, the film should peel apart with the tape.
Spray the adhesive side of the film while your peeling off the clear liner (be sure to spray the entire film as your peeling the clear liner in order to keep a wet application between the window and the film).
Now spray a lot of solution on the inside of the window and place the film on the window.
Squeegee from the top central area of the window out to the sides and down to the bottom. Each pass of the squeegee should slightly cover the previous pass. Ensure all of the solution has been removed.
The film is now on the window and cut about 20mm larger than the glass.
Push the Five Way Trim Tool to the edges of the glass against the rubber and place the knife against the Five Way Trim Tool and slide both tools along the edge of the rubber to trim the film. Always use a sharp knife that has a new blade. (Old blades can scratch the glass.)
Fingers, is a term used by installers that means a darting bubble running from the edge of the glass inward or upward. Use a hard card or quick fix to push out fingers, if they don’t push out first time let them dry for a few minutes and then try again. Repeat for 3 or 4 times. If the fingers keep coming back push the finger out with the quick Fix and hold it, then get a helper to heat the outside of the glass with a hair dryer while holding the quick fix on the finger. Hold the finger for a few minutes.
The window film you have purchased is a high quality product and an investment in your property. The mounting solution used during the installation will require time to dry out. During this time the film will look like it has water pockets and as it dries it will look like chicken pox, this is all normal and part of the regular drying process. This period of time will vary depending upon weather conditions. Cold and non-sunny weather will lengthen the dry out time, while hot and sunny weather will shorten the dry out time.
Cold Weather Drying Time: Approximately 4-8 weeks
Sunny and Hot Weather Drying Time: Approximately 3-6 weeks

Clean with soft materials to wash and dry film.
Do not use any ammonia-based solutions to clean any film.
You can buy window tint safe window cleaner from auto stores, just make sure it says its window tint safe.
Do not use bristle brushes, abrasive scrubbing pads or sponges, or anything that could scratch the film, never wash interior film with exterior cleaning materials, it could contain dirt particles which could scratch the film, even some brand of paper towels are coarse enough to put fine scratches in the film.

CAUTION It's very important to read all the instructions thoroughly before installing film. Every step must be performed to achieve a professional look. Be very careful not to crease the film. Lay the film out on a flat clean surface. Rear Window Heatshrinking . Rear Window Film Installation After Heatshrinking. TOOLS REQUIRED Sharp Knife (with a new blade) Glass Scraper (with a new blade) Yellow Turbo Squeegee Conquorer Lil Chilzer Spray Bottle...