Recent Work

Dual Cab Ute 












Single Cab Ute






 Elite Dualtone 30



 Metamark Frost job in Lilydale     


 Metamark Frost at a Dentist  Manchester Road Lilydale









Privacy Provided. 

A young couple came to us desperate to increase the privacy of there home. They were sick of people being able to gaze through there front windows while they were dining and going about there daily activities. 

After a quick visit from our mobile installation team they have been provided with a great solution and are very happy with the results. They can now go about there day without being concerned about privacy and also have the added benefit of increased security. 




    Bring a  Friend...

The sun was shining,the forecast high, the jobsite ready & the Tradies were set to start the day...
Wanting to keep their lunch cool and prying eyes away from the tools in the cab, they called on us to help.

Tradie drove in with his Colorado already warm from the morning sun... On leaving the factory a short while later we had rejected 99% UV & provided a great heat rejection with 35% Elite Black tint on the Front windows & 20% Elite Black tint on the rear also providing excellent privacy from intruding eyes.  Tradie returned to the jobsite and they were all very envious.
Tradies Mate had his done also same day and thet both enjoyed the saving with the Bring a Friend Bonus!









Bubbles are not good....   Clear, Clean view...


Bubbling faded tint can not only obscure your vision & look ugly, it can also deem your vehicle Unroadworthy!!!!
Our customer had this issue with his fabulous little hatchback, tint faded, purple & badly bubbled.
Out with the old! On with the new! a fresh new "Roadworthy" tint in no time...