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Window Tinting Melbourne

Protinting is a well renowned company that provides Melbourne-wide window tinting service for Automotive Vehicles, Boats & Machinery & Residential and Commercial buildings. We use top-quality window films that filter out 99% of harmful UV rays and provide aesthetically pleasing results.

Why window tinting is essential for building premises and how tinted windows take an edge over their ordinary counterparts? Here's what explains it all. During summer, the sun shines brightly in through the windows – making the temperature soar significantly. This affects your cooling system and compels it to work harder to maintain the desired cooling level. When you have your windows tinted, the solar energy will be reduced by more than 60%, which will keep your interior relatively cooler & increase the efficiency of your cooling system. Window tinting can also provide privacy to your home/ office/ car by reducing visibility from the outside in.

Car Window Tinting Melbourne and Lilydale

Our car window tinting Lilydale service makes great sense. When you are out on a hot, summery day, your car's cooling system may give in to the heat that's being generated inside your car by the scorching sun. Getting your car's windows tinted will reduce the amount of solar energy radiated into the vehicle; hence, the cooling system will be more effective. Car window tinting also prevents glares and thus makes your driving experience more comfortable. Using frosted window film for car window tinting rejects 99% UV rays protecting the interior of the vehicle as well as the passengers from harmful UV rays.

Frosted Window Tinting Melbourne

Protinting can service the entire Lilydale area and most suburbs around the Melbourne city. If you are looking for variety in car window tinting in Melbourne, look no further than Protinting. We install Safety film, Solar Control film and other Decorative films for your home, office, car, caravan or any other vehicle. Further, we provide the best frosted window film in the Melbourne region.

You can visit us in Lilydale or give us a call for mobile assistance anywhere in Melbourne.